The Top Live Baccarat Dealer Websites in 2023

Canadians who appreciate casino games are likely familiar with online baccarat. The popular card game can be found in virtually every land-based and online casino and offers some of the greatest odds of any gambling game. What you may not be familiar with is live dealer baccarat, a thrilling new version of the game that provides the most authentic casino experience possible without leaving the comfort of your home.

This is excellent news for Canadian players who don’t reside near land-based casinos or simply don’t enjoy visiting them. Our expert review team has compiled a comprehensive list of all of the best live dealer casinos that accept and accommodate to Canadian players. Our current preferred live dealer baccarat site for 2023 is Spin Palace, but at any of our recommended sites, you’ll enjoy:


A rate of play identical to that of actual casino baccarat.

Action that allows you to interact with an actual dealer.

Observing the cards being turned in front of you, resulting in genuine drama

As you continue reading our live dealer baccarat guide, you’ll realize that the list of benefits associated with playing the game with an actual dealer is exhaustive.

How To Play Baccarat Online


Baccarat is a game of sheer chance. In online live dealer baccarat, you wager on the outcome of your hand, the dealer’s hand, or a stalemate between the two. After placing a wager, you simply observe the live dealer turn over the cards to disclose the outcome of your wager.


There are minor variations of the game that may be encountered online. These include punto banco/North America baccarat (popular in Canada), chemin de fer baccarat, and banque baccarat. Again, the differences between the three are minor, and it is always prudent to review the rules before wagering real money on any game. Typically, the dealer will gladly answer any concerns you have regarding the rules.


This popular card game can be played in almost any land-based or online casino and offers some of the greatest odds of any casino game.

Beginner’s Strategy

Before playing baccarat, it is essential to comprehend the point system. Each card has its own point value, with face cards worth 0 points and number cards worth their corresponding values. After receiving two cards from the dealer, you tally the total value of your cards. The true sum is the digit to the right of the decimal point in the total. For example, if the sum of your cards is 13, your actual number is 3. This makes 9 the highest possible number, which always defeats the dealer (as long as they don’t have the same number) in blackjack.


Once the values of your and the dealer’s hands have been determined, some variations of the game allow you to draw an optional third card (similar to blackjack, except that you’re attempting to get as close to nine as possible as opposed to 21). And that’s basically it! Again, baccarat is extremely simple to learn, and you do not need to memorize any strategies or formulas.


The Best Bets and Odds in Baccarat

The house advantage for betting on the dealer’s hand is just 1.06%, one of the lowest of any casino game, period. Even if you wager on your own hand, the house advantage is only 1.36 percent, which is lower than the majority of other casino games. The tie wager is the worst in the game and has a 4% house edge, so it is generally not recommended.


In baccarat, the optimal strategy typically entails betting on the dealer to win every hand. Due to the reduced house edge, this wager offers the best chances of leaving the table with actual cash. It’s not the most exciting strategy, but there’s a decent chance that you’ll at least break even when it’s time to leave the virtual table.


Discovering the Top Online Baccarat Websites

Because live casino games are so popular with Canadian players, virtually every online casino has launched its own variant of live baccarat. Because Canadian players have access to so many sites, choosing one to participate on can be somewhat overwhelming.


However, not all live dealer baccarat casinos are equal. This is where our Canadian review team comes in: they’ve scoured the internet in search of the best live baccarat sites that 1) accept Canadian dollars and cater to Canadian players, 2) offer the best real money bonuses just for signing up, and 3) provide the highest level of security for your money and personal information.


Our shortlist of the finest live dealer baccarat casinos is presented on this page so that you can begin playing for real money as soon as possible.


Frequent Requested Information

How is live baccarat played?

The game functions identically to standard baccarat.


Simply, you will first choose which of the game’s three wagers (player, vendor, or tie) you wish to make and how much you wish to wager. Then, you and the dealer will each receive two cards, and based on the game’s scoring system, the winner will be the player closest to nine. When you play with a real croupier, you will observe a real person dealing the cards and announcing the game’s outcome.

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